Who are we?

We are classic internet radio that specializes in old-school music genres such as the 70s & 80s Rock, R&B, Pop, Disco, and Yacht Rock that take the listeners on a nostalgic journey.

We started this radio station back in 2017 as Rewind Radio Now.com. Our goal was to give the 70s and 80s generation an outlet to re-live their most precious memories by listening to their favorite songs no longer played on terrestrial radio stations.

What do we do?

We take our listeners back in time and give them a chance to enjoy their youth once more. Besides the hit songs, people can also listen to our show each week. For hard-core fans, we also have a merchandize section to let our listeners embrace their inner fan.

Why should you listen to us?

Our internet radio station has quality tunes, sound, and DJs to make our listener’s experience worthwhile. We have a signature sound, and we stick to it to ensure our audience remains happy and content with our services.

Our Shows

Rewind Retro Radio has three distinct shows that allow our listeners to express their love for old-school music further.

The PreWind – A show hosted by producer Bonnie Davis Chiaccio that’s broadcasted every Sunday from 6-7 PM ET

The Rewind – A show hosted by DJ L-Rob broadcasted every Sunday from 7-10 PM ET

The Rewind Retro Lounge – A show that’s broadcasted each Thursday from 7 to 10 PM ET

Our DJs

Producer Bonnie Davis Chiaccio

I was blessed to have been born at a wonderful time in music history. It was the early 70s, and yet, I also heard groundbreaking 60s music, as well as growing up in the big-haired 80s. I think I had the blessing of 30 years of rich music in a lot less time. My mom loved Broadway musicals and my dad enjoyed country and pop. I have often been told that my tastes are eclectic and broad, but I wear that with a badge of honor. I always sang hits from Top 40 radio and dreamed of going to concerts and meeting lots of musical virtuosos. Sharing music I love, along with musical history, has become such a passion of mine. I sincerely look forward to making new friends through great music, and producing the PREwind over the last few years has given me the utmost pleasure! Programming shows that helping others relive wonderful memories is truly satisfying. I am so thrilled and privileged to be a part of the Rewind Radio team!

DJ L-Rob

Leslie Robinson aka DJ L-Rob created Rewind Radio Now back in April 2017 as an alternative to the lack of great terrestrial 70’s & 80’s music radio stations that play the same old programmed music all the time. Leslie was born, raised, and still lives in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia Pa., and the city’s deep roots in Pop, R&B, dance, and rock music. His first internet radio experience was as a DJ/host-producer of G-Town Radio from 2007-08 and his passion for the ’70s & 80’s music deepened and this led to him creating this station in 2017. After 5 years, DJ L-Rob decided to change the name to reflect our listeners to REWIND RETRO Radio, a station where listeners can listen to hit songs long forgotten by these so-called “oldies” stations that play the same old songs over and over again and go back to the REAL good old days of great music from the ’70s & ’80s!

Producer - Holly

Holly’s contributions to the success of this radio station is one of the main reasons this station is as popular as it is. Holly’s knowledge of pop music and great ideas have become the inspiration for this station to grow into who we are today. Holly in fact is the creator of our Official Facebook page, TheRewind Retro Lounge which just so happens to be the name of our Thursday night show! Her encouragement and inspiration keeps the station running with energy!